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Our Story


Welcome to In His Presents! Creating inspirational gift packages that encourage, inspire and uplift the spirit is our passion.  We are a Christian owned company that designs  personal and business gifts that are a blessing to receive and a joy to give.  Our goal is to provide our customers with beautifully designed gifts that will be remembered and appreciated for the thoughtful  sentiment which they express.  When you receive one of our gift packages, we hope it will gently encourage you to take a few moments every day to experience the love, grace and joy that can only be found In His Presence.

Mission Statement

Our mission at In His Presents is to create beautiful, inspirational gift packages that spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage the recipients' spiritual growth, faith and joy.

​​​Thank You!

Thank you so much for visiting our online gift shoppe. We hope you will take the time to subscribe to our email list so you will be the first to know about our upcoming special purchases and discounts.  Please come back again soon for a sneak peak at the exciting things we are planning for our new subscribers and valued customers. We are very grateful for your interest in our business and hope to be blessed to serve you as a valuable customer.  Have a blessed day!

Pamela Singleton

Owner and Chief Box Designer

What's Inside?

Each item in your gift package is carefully chosen to create a "gift experience" every time you open one of our boxes. An ever changing assortment of high-quality books, journals and specialty giftware are purposely selected to compliment a favorite bible scripture or inspirational theme. Our limited edition gift boxes are designed to support our unique holiday and special occasion themes.


We believe that "quality" not "quantity" is always the best choice when curating products for our customers.  That is why we do not use low cost filler products or free samples in our gift packages. Quality looks better, lasts longer, tastes great and costs just a bit more.


Meet the Owner

When I was a young girl, I asked God to let me be like Johnny Appleseed and spend my life planting seeds of encouragement in the hearts of every person he caused to cross my path. I have always been the  go to person when family and friends needed to be "talked off the roof" or just  a bit of encouragement. Launching In His Presents is not only the fulfillment of a long-term dream, but also a divine opportunity for me to utilize my personal spiritual gift of Encouragement.  I hope we can pack up a little bit of spiritual encouragement and send it your way soon!

 1 Samuel 30:6 - Encourage yourself in the Lord

Subscription Policy

We want to give our valued customers the option to renew their purchase at the end of each subscription period. That is why our 3 and 6 month subscription packages do not auto-renew. We trust that our product and service will encourage you to choose to renew your subscription instead of being surprised by an auto-renewal payment because you missed the cancellation deadline. See our FAQ section for complete details.



Sending you a joyful gift experience one box at a time!
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